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Market Intelligence Suite - Reports and Interactive Charts

iMax's Market Intelligence Reports and Professional CMA Software are specifically designed to provide you with unparalleled market data and customized reporting to be used in listing and marketing presentations to differentiate your expertise and support your pricing recommendations. They also serve as an invaluable resource in measuring, communicating and advertising your office's market share and successes.

iMax's Market Intelligence Suite includes more than 15 reports and trend charts, available 24/7/365, customizable to include your personal branding and downloadable for use in multi-media or print presentations. Reports and trend charts available include:
  • Market Trends (inventory, actives, under agreements, and sales)
  • Price Bands (inventory, actives, under agreements, and sales)
  • Absorption Reports (by towns, property type, price, by month and date range)
  • Market Share and Agent Productivity
  • Charts
  • Median sale price
  • Units sold
  • Absorption rate percentage
  • Price variance (by dollar amount and by percentage)
  • Days on market: Active, Under Agreement, Sold
  • Sale price to list price